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  • Zip-Line Costa Azul

    Located right in San José Del Cabo, Enjoy on a beautiful ecological sanctuary surrounded only by nature; you ride on an aircraft grade steel cable using a pulley and a safety harness with a main safety strap wich can carry over 20 times your own weight and a second one acting as a backup.

    Unlike other systems, their brakes are handled by pulleys and not your hand, this makes it easier, safer and more efficient. Forget about uncomfortable positions or wearing gloves, there is always an instructor waiting at the end to assist you. You just worry about having fun!


    Of course you can do it! Flyboard is 100% fun and full of thrills! Guest of all ages have taken to flight and had a great time: men and women, young and old. It is the perfect tour for families with teens or anyone looking for a new adventure.

    The second you feel the board start to lift you out of the water, you will understand why this is a hottest new sport around. And before you know it, you'll be blasting out of the water and hovering in place in complete control.

    You will be flying!!

    Bungee Jumping

    Take a ride out to our custom designed and certified glass floor suspended gondola. Once there, you'll be able to feel the rush of adrenaline as you plunge into the canyon below on the only suspended bungee jump ride in Los Cabos!

    Admission fee to the park is not included and must be paid directly at the park ($15 USD per person)


    Enjoy one of the most amazing activities. In the parasail, you will feel adrenaline produced by being elevated 600 feet high.

    Enjoy wonderful panoramic views of the bay of Cabo San Lucas. Watch the famous arch and the city from another perspective and the different blue colors of the ocean.

    Sling Swingers

    Do you remember the swing on your back yard, well it´s like that… times a 100! Hanging 230 ft high, alone or with your best friend form our glass-floored gondola, you will swing out at 75 miles an hour for the rush of a life time, and if that wasn´t enough, just wait – you get to do the whole thing in reverse as you swing back the other way.

    Admission fee to the park is not included and must be paid directly at the park ($15 USD per person)