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Water Activities

  • Wave Runner

    We have the best wave runner fleet in all Baja. During this activity you will enjoy a full ride in the bay for 1 hour in excellent condition vehicles.

    You will be able to visit the sea-lion colony, watch the arch, the pirates cave, the pelican rock, etc. Enjoy this adventure by yourself or with your family. The maximum age to drive alone is 16 years.

    SUP Tour

    Let our experienced guides teach you the art of stand up paddle, the hottest new water activity. Our lessons take place on one of the most scenic bays of Los Cabos and host the perfect view of The Arch. During the course of our lesson, we will take a break and enjoy some snorkeling at Pelican Rock, well known for its abundance of marine life. Should you choose not to snorkel there is a beautiful secluded beach that lends itself to sunbathing and relaxing. The combination of these two activities makes for the perfect tour.

    Glass Bottom Boat

    Come and enjoy the magical experience in the glass bottom boat around the most important places of Lover’s Beach, navigating by both Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortes. Visit the Sea Lion Colony, Pelican’s Rock, pirates cave and enjoy at the same time the wonders under the sea through the glass bottom. This ride lasts around 45 min and is available for all ages.

    Surf Lesson

    You can catch waves in Cabo year round! This activity is not just for grown-ups; kids love it’s a memory that gives them a smile every time. With the close guidance of our professional instructors you will be up and riding your first wave in no time!

    Mini Submarine

    The tours will consist of a fish feeding along the rock structures of Pelican Rock and Neptune's finger, along with upper level viewings of the famous Arch and Lover's Beach.

    This tour is great for families with any age of children, seniors and anyone looking for a different way to see the beautiful Sea life of Cabo San Lucas. This is more than a tour; it is an undersea adventure.

    Clear Boat Tour

    This tour lasts approximately 45 minutes, for your convenience we have departures every hour from 9:00 A.M. until 4:00 P.M. Once the tour ends, you will have the option to spend time on the available Beaches, where you can walk, swim or even rent a snorkel equipment. Check the return times when boarding.